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In our company we work only with professionals, for whom English is not merely a language but a true passion, and teaching – not just a profession but a genuine vocation. In Progress everybody is in love with English starting from the company managers to the flower pots on the window sills, so you have no other choice but to finally learn the language.

We will be delighted to see you among our students!

PS. НYou won’t see photos of all our native speaker tutors here. A native speaker who is an amazing teacher is a rarity, and they work from early morning till late at night and don’t have time for a professional photo shoot. If you are interested in lessons with a native speaker, call our administrators and they’ll gladly help you arrange this!

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ANNA ROMANISHINA Head of the Project

Anna is a practising English teacher who received her degrees in teaching at Ukrainian universities and was subsequently trained as a teacher at Twin Towers College in Great Britain. Anna specialises in General English, Engli...

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Even as a little kid Lidia dreamed to speak foreign languages – she could often be seen singing English songs or solemnly reciting phrases from foreign language films. At school she decided to make learning and teaching...

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Tania sets very high standards for herself, her colleagues and her students because she has been teaching English for over ten years now. She is passionate about reading and self-education. If you see her wearing her headphon...

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Kristina is a teacher who believes that, if all people in the world start doing things that inspire them, the world will become a much better place. Teaching is what inspires her, and this is where she gives her best. Being a...

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Daryna’s interest in learning English arose when she was still a child and got curious about what Leonard Cohen was talking about in his poems. Later on, she had daily English lessons at school followed by her enrolment...

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Lena Muravtseva Tutor

Since early childhood Lena has been interested in different countries and their cultures: her father travelled arround the world and was brining not only present but also his impressions what was very inspiring so her dream w...