Kateryna Koshil

This is the best school!!!!! This is my opinion and I woun't change it!!!! First time in my life I try to write a rewiev in English and I'm little worried, because my the best teacher will read it:) 9 month ago I coudn't think, write, undarstand and speak English. 9 month ago, after my first test, I left "Progress. Way to learn English" with tears because I didn't know anything. I made a lot of mistakes � That day I decided to change myself! Next day I began to learn English:)
Я вдячна "Progress. Way to learn English" за неймовірно крутого викладача і супер класну людину!!! Daryna Kuropata, thank God and "Progress. Way to learn English" that I met you!!!!� Без тебе - я би не змогла ні писати, ні читати, ні говорити!!!!